retail intouch

Do you speak the same language as your staff?

We are all aware that customers are bombarded from all sides with information, at all times of the day. This is no different for your staff!

In today's retail world, employees are expected to know the latest house rules and brand values, to stay updated on their specialist knowledge, to always have an answer ready for those well-informed customers and, of course, to be a fan of everything the brand represents. To cut to the chase, we want to pass a plethora of information on to our staff and we expect them to do something with that information. The question, though, is whether you are actually getting the message across?

Just like with our customers, the only way to reach our staff is by using information that is relevant, using a device they like using and, above all, ensuring the information is easy to absorb.

And that's where Kega InTouch comes in handy. First of all, the app fits in beautifully with today's staff journey. After all, people habitually check their phone around nine times a day anyway. So it's only logical to also make any work-related information (from onboarding to e-learning content) available through that same mobile device.

And we can add a touch of fun to the information we're trying to get across. Even the more ‘tedious’ but often necessary information can be packaged in polls, shop competitions, animations, etc. The InTouch app allows you to target the desired employee group and speak the same language as your staff.

And now we can also claim to literally speak the same language with InTouch, because we've added five new languages: Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Uzbek. Certainly a reason for many of our users to click on the Like button (in their own language)!

Would you like to know more about the Retail InTouch app? Please contact Mike van der Hulst,, or call +31 (0)252-750275.