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Apps Development

Are you planning to have an app developed but you are not entirely sure about the (next) best steps to be taken? As specialists in the field of mobile applications, we are delighted to think along with you in terms of the best approach with which to reach your goals.

We have been developing apps aimed at both companies (B2B) and consumers (B2C) for more than 10 years by now. Examples include a loyalty app developed for Score Jeans, an HACCP Cleaning coach for Diversey and an ordering app for company caterer Vitam.    

We have also developed the Keephub communication platform, which has since become independent, as well as apps for optimisation of corporate processes. Think in terms of Plus and Poiesz supermarkets which make use of our order picking app, and Hanos wholesaler which uses our order delivery app. 

All our apps are developed to be cross-platform. In other words, they work on both Android and iOS systems, and can be downloaded via the app stores. We achieve this by making use of the React Native development framework. This ensures that code only needs to be developed once, which is then suitable for both Android and iOS.  This avoids double work and of course double costs being entailed. 

Besides development of the software, we can also assist you in the design of your app and with strategic advice. We will be pleased to help you formulate your customer and staff journeys, determine your functional requirements and create both the UX and visual designs.

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