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Implementation of the Keephub personnel platform
We share know-how from the store online, and online data with the store

Implementation of the Keephub personnel platform

For many years, we have been convinced that the difference between a good shopping experience and a fantastic shopping experience lies with the store staff. If the store staff are enthusiastic and their know-how gives added value to customers, there is a massive chance
of success. Nowadays it is a major challenge not only to find good staff but also to retain them.

Based on our vision of focusing on personnel, we developed the Keephub personnel platform a number of years ago. This platform helps (retail) organisations quickly and remotely establish contact with personnel, such as store staff. The options for such contact can comprise news messages but also tasks, forums, manuals, learning and onboarding. Keephub has proven to be a great success, and is by now helping more than 50 organisations
to reach more than 100,000 staff on a daily basis.

The Keephub personnel platform helps organisations in:
- Staff engagement
- Operational Excellence
- Single Sign On for a wide range of applications

By using Keephub, communication to store staff becomes much easier and quicker. It does however generally require the organisation to think about their communication methods. These need to be relevant and preferably snackable. Extensive PDFs and long videos are no longer the mode, and most staff do not even have time for them. We help organisations make their existing content more snackable.
We also support companies using Keephub in various other fields. We can help formulate the internal communication strategy for example, or develop effective content tracks, design flexible templates and establish onboarding flows which quickly make staff feel at home in the organisation.

We are also pleased to help implement Keephub among the staff. We have designed introduction campaigns for a number of clients for example, which have raised the use of Keephub to new levels.

How do we help make Keephub successful?


Blok 1: introduction campaign

Blok 2: Rendering existing content snackable 

Blok 3: Formulating content tracks

Blok 4: Designing communication templates 

Blok 5: Onboarding strategy

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