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Digital Asset Management
DAM systems provide transparent structure and organised distribution of your digital files

Digital Asset Management system

For organisations with broad and extensive product ranges, perfect control of the content management process is of vital importance. Often this is a permanent task for the marketing department, as part of its dealings with all the various offline and digital touchpoints, potentially involving tens of thousands of packshots and thousands of videos and atmospheric images.

Everyone agrees that over the next couple of years, the demand for pictures and videos will only increase and keep growing. Managing this multitude of assets and the related metadata however, in most cases remains a less than transparent and predominantly manual process, which makes searching for, finding and sharing the appropriate materials a very time- consuming endeavour, not to mention the additional complication of dependency on
internal studio services. The results are predictable: long lead times and slow time-to-market.

A Digital Asset Management system is the perfect solution for these complicated and time-intensive content challenges. At the heart of these DAM systems is a centralised (cloud-based) database for all of your digital files, including images, videos, price lists and campaignmaterials. By central allocation, each file is equipped with the appropriate metadata and various permissions for all individual users, departments and even third parties. It is your guarantee that, throughout the organisation, all users only have access to content they are entitled to work with.

How we can help your organisation?

Working together with your organisation, Kega happily meets the challenge of enhancing the quality of your asset workflow through process improvement and automation. We do this by setting up workshops for key stakeholders in which we analyse the existing asset management situation in order to bring things into focus. The results are then discussed in a
general presentation, along with a detailed business case and a practical roadmap, based on which we go on to assemble a shortlist of DAM solutions optimally tuned to the demands of your organisation.

We assist you in making the final selection, while testing the fact-supported ROIs of each DAM solution by interviewing employees from various departments. This way, we create multiple use-case scenarios which are then presented to the candidate technology providers in sessions demonstrating the capabilities of their proposed systems.

'Deep-diving’ into the matter at hand, as outlined above, is essential for the ultimate success of the project. It provides the necessary insight in existing internal processes, while reducing, if not eliminating, post-implementation resistance and allowing for expedient onboarding.

If required, Kega can also assist in the actual implementation of the selected DAM system, during which we will create a balanced taxonomy to further unburden your organisation in the process of internal onboarding.

Wij helpen bij het opzetten van succesvolle digital commerce oplossingen

Digital commerce zijn alle oplossingen die jouw organisatie extra omzet opleveren. Wij helpen bedrijven met een heldere en pragmatische analyse van het online landschap en adviseren waar extra waarde is toe te voegen. Ons uitgangspunt is dat de oplossing toekomstbestendig is en flexibel zodat wij jouw organisatie verder brengen door te blijven groeien. 

Wat kan je voor ons verwachten?


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