Keephub portal and app for Jeans Centre

Jeans Centre has been around for nearly 40 years now. In those 40 years, the company has grown into a brand with almost 100 stores and a webshop. The ambition is to create a top-of-mind position with the consumer. Jeans Centre does this by making good-quality jeans and contemporary fashion accessible, all for an affordable price. To this end, a lot of time and effort is spent on creating a unique shopping experience. Thanks to the expertise of the fashion-conscious sales staff, Jeans Centre offers a high level of service and is therefore considered the leading jeans specialist.


Ensure more efficiency in terms of communication between the head office and the stores, which is aimed at empowering and engaging the store staff!



Feature in the app:

  • News
  • YBF (Your Biggest Fan)
  • Chat
  • Videos
  • Figures
  • FAQ
  • POLL

Most important goals:

  • The portal should lead to less e-mail correspondence
  • Forms will be used to support processes that are not automated
  • Quicker communication with the aid of the portal and the app. Replace weekly message with all the news bundled together, although also with many separate messages
  • Use the app to create engagement among personnel and onboarding of the employees
  • In short, a new perspective on providing content to staff about Jeans Centre


Three months after implementation of the Keephub app we did research at Jeans Centre.

Most important results of using the Keephub app:

  • 71% better informed of what happens within Jeans Centre
  • 62% has become more curious
  • 70% expect better to be able to perform his / her work
  • 53% says to be better in his / her work since the introduction
  • 65% is more often in contact with colleagues

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