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about KEGA

We take retail further

At Kega we have a real passion for retail. With over 80 specialists – from developers to digital designers and from strategists to account managers – we take enterprising retailers and brands further.

Drawing on powerful strategies, cutting-edge technological and e-commerce solutions, campaigns that activate and content that inspires, we provide a total solution that maximises the potential of our clients.

Kega is a digital retail agency 
in the Benelux.

Every day, more than 65 international retailers, 7,000 physical and online stores, 140,000 retail staff and millions of shoppers see and use our InTouch apps & portals, in-store lost sales apps, Magento e-commerce solutions, digital content and marketing campaigns.

'Driven by innovation
we get retailers ready for the future'


Retail is constantly in motion. This asks for continuously fresh perspectives, powerful strategies, revolutionary e-commerce solutions and daring campaigns. 

But it also demands a solid, reliable and experienced partner. A partner who knows how to get the most out of your brand and your organisation, and one who gets you on track for the new retail reality.

That’s why more than 65 enterprising international retailers and brands enjoy working with us – often for years and years.

What? | What we do

Our products and services combine the best in marketing and IT. They facilitate and enrich the lives of retailers, (store) staff and shoppers.

Online and physical, marketing and IT. We conceive and create cutting-edge digital and e-commerce solutions, campaigns that activate and content that inspires, all packaged in a number of user-friendly products.

Our main products: 

  • Magento webshops and e-commerce solutions
  • InTouch retail app & portal
  • In-store kiosks & lost sales app
  • Retail strategy
  • Digital content and design
'Kega conceives and creates'

How? | This is how we go to work!

A successful and future-proof retail brand in 4 goal-driven steps. 
Using a proven, well-structured and goal-oriented approach, we work quickly and effectively on finding ground-breaking solutions for our customers.


Knowledge is power, especially in retail. Knowledge about how consumers shop, how retailers profile themselves, how markets change and how technology transforms our lives. This knowledge is our oxygen. And we collect and share this knowledge, insight and inspiration through store safaris, research, publications and events.


By writing inspirational customer journeys and staff journeys, prototyping, and through visual and digital design, we bring our ideas, concepts and strategies to life.


We like to make things clear and concrete. That’s why we offer a range of retail products that have proven to be effective; from Magento webshops to our InTouch retail app & portal, and from digital content to 360° retail communication. All products are developed in-house and tailored to the exact needs of our customers. This means you always know beforehand precisely what you’re buying and can still be sure of a custom solution.


Evolving is surviving.
In retail there’s only one way to survive: by excelling on all fronts, learning from what you can improve on and improving on what you already do well. Our optimisation tools help you in achieving exactly these things.

'We work for enterprising national and international retailers and retail brands'

For whom?

We work for enterprising national and international retailers and retail brands

Each and every one of our customers is a successful retailer or retail brand with nationwide or international coverage. What they all have in common is their enterprising character and their determination to be the best in their segment.

We help them to actually become the best and to stay the best. The proof of our success? Year after year, our clients win Best Retail Chain awards in a range of categories. 

Who? | Our team is ready when you are!

80 creative thinkers and smart doers who take retailers and brands further

With over 80 specialists – from strategists to digital designers and from developers to account managers – we take retailers and brands further every single day.

Our team of creative thinkers and smart doers combine strategic thinking with organising and achieving.