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Circular content strategy
Look before you leap, that forms the basis for our content vision

Circulaire content strategy

Content is King; A commonly heard phrase which we fully support. Good, relevant content translates into interaction and brand awareness. Over the years, more and more touchpoints have been added to the means mix, in which content must play a role. Each touchpoint has its own ‘rules’ as it were, in order to be effective. These may include text length, format and representation of illustrations or the use of video. There is therefore no one-size-fits-all solution for content, which results in creation of all this content tending to be time- consuming and expensive.

And so we always advise our clients to work with an effectively designed Circular Content Strategy. By applying this strategy, we ensure the development of a clear content canvas which incorporates all possible touchpoints. The business rules can then be determined per touchpoint. Think in terms of the touchpoint goals and the space required for text and/or images.
We can then determine which touchpoints are to be deployed per campaign. This provides automatic insight into the materials required for development purposes, and briefings are formulated for the appropriate parties. An organisation will know, for example, that the campaign image is required in both portrait and landscape versions in the photography purposes, and that film material also needs to be created during the shoot, for the social stories.

However logical it may sound, many organisations only discover they are missing a photo format further along in the process, due to this not being expected prior to the photo shoot. A Circular Content strategy prevents such missed opportunities and sometimes even double work.

An effective Circular Content Strategy also ensures that organisations know exactly what to communicate, and where. A distinction can be made between a physical brochure and a digital brochure, for example. Digital brochures are almost always viewed on a smartphone, and therefore do not feature spreads.
This can influence page-filling headings, for example, while a completely different approach is also required for images of multi-buy offers.

Circular Content Strategy ensures a smooth process in which each touchpoint is optimally deployed and at the same time contributes to the campaign or brand image.

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