7 june 2016

Restyling; anticipation is half the holiday fun at the ANWB stores

The holidays are getting nearer: you need a travel guide or roadmap, so the logical next step is a visit to the ANWB store. That’s to say… if it were up to the ANWB, you won’t just think of the ANWB for travel guides and maps, but the store will be the starting point for all your holiday fun. Kega was asked to take care of restyling the travel guide and map section.

Looking at the customer journey from a visitor’s perspective, we went in search of a logical set-up and layout of the shelves and tables. Is the customer not yet in the inspirational phase? In POS and using fun, practical travel accessories, the customer really gets into the swing of holidays. Clear signage in the right places guides customer in the right direction.





To ensure that the most commonly requested destinations and products are actually on the shelves, the ANWB went through the entire product range with a fine toothcomb. Given the limited floor space, the long tail will from now on only be available via the website. Now that’s smarter retailing.

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