Kega wins DiSiN award with ANWB in-store kiosk

Kega wins DiSiN (Digital Signage) award with ANWB in-store kiosk. This incentive price is meant for the company or product which distinguished themselves on the area of display communication. Michael Stallvord on behalf of the branch organization Digital Signage Nederland: "The ANWB in-store kiosk is a striking and extremely efficient sales supporting communication solution. The main navigation uses visual language and icons through an interactive and big display. The whole product range is completely accessible, even when a product is not at the current location. This way both the customer and seller haves access to up-to-date prices, products and stocks. Besides the overview of the products, the in-store kiosk also shows information about the many services the ANWB has to offer, such as the road assistance and the several insurance packages.’’     


More about the approach ANWB in-store kiosk

“If you unexpectedly have a product out of stock, you still want to help the customer with his request.” That’s been the reason of the ANWB to introduce this in-store kiosk. “With the kiosk, our endless aisle, we make the full online catalog available for our customers. In everything we do helping the customer is key. We do not have any claim, we are especially focused on helping the customer as much as possible. Let’s say helping +.” The distinctive yellow kiosk is slightly tilted so that it is readable for the user. Through the touch screen customers and employees are able to search the complete online product range. The kiosk has almost the same performance as the webshop on a PC, but the navigation especially works in terms of visual language and icons. Crucial to this approach is that the ordering kiosk is mainly used by the ANWB employee. The employee therefore supports the shopper who is looking for a product or service. “There is added an extra order point in the shop without increasing the pressure on the service counter.”

  • Implemented webshop
  • Full product range available for consumer
  • Delivered home from kiosk
  • Improved service and increase of sales

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About DiSiN. / disin.nl

Foundation DiSiN (Digital Signage Nederland) is the branch organization for display communication. They are an independent knowledge platform that facilitates, connects, inspires and develops. Digital Signage is an umbrella term for display communication.

There are more than 750 companies active in this branch in the Benelux. The aforementioned display communication is aimed at information, branding, promotion, ambiance, training, art, gaming, entertainment or as an ornament.

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