27 MAart 2018

Easter campaign Hoogvliet

Easter is an important period for food retailers, as the festivities compel consumers to buy groceries in abundance. It is a long weekend of celebrations that involves extravagant cooking and eating. Supermarkets see the value of giving consumers culinary inspiration and focusing on the products, recipes and the food presentation. In their effort to woo customers, every supermarket chain has its own Easter magazine and accompanying campaign. This year, Kega looked after the Easter campaign of Hoogvliet Supermarkets.  

The assignment from Hoogvliet: develop a 360-degree retail campaign that has an online and in-store impact on the Easter weekend. Evoke inspiration from the products and the Easter recipes you can create with them.


For this Easter campaign, Kega developed all retail communication across the various channels, including:

  • Design Easter magazine
  • Junior Chef movies. Cooking inspiration for kids to stimulate creativity among our youngsters and to involve this target group with the Easter campaign. Check out the movies here.
  • Fun craft ideas for children
  • (POS) store materials
  • Door-to-door leaflet advertising  
  • Online banners
  • In-store radio commercial
  • Social exposure (including a 360º animation)
  • E-mailing
  • Digital signage animation 
  • etc.


Would you like to know more about the Hoogvliet Easter campaign? Feel free to contact Creative Strategist ~ Erica Twigt, erica.twigt@kega.nl or call +31(0)252-750275.


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