27 januari 2017

In-store kiosk in ANWB stores

The ANWB is not only known for their roadside assistance, they also operate in the retail sector. Very logical, says Iwan Banens, manager Customer Experience & Service Innovation at the ANWB. “Our stores are a touch point in close proximity to our members.” To further improve the service in the stores, in-store kiosks are introduced in five pilot stores. These systems provide additional services and especially additional products and make them accessible to customers.



In order to help the customer as much as possible in finding products and to prevent lost sales, the ANWB needed a new solution to yet offer customers products that are not in stock. The original solution was a PC on the counter where staff ordered the available products online and let it deliver at the customers home, however, it was not very visible on the shop floor.

Iwan Banens / Manager Customer Experience - ANWB
With the in-store kiosk, our endless aisle, we make sure that the full online catalog is accessible.


“If you unexpectedly have a product out of stock, you still want to help the customer with his request.” That’s been the reason of the ANWB to introduce this in-store kiosk. “With the kiosk, our endless aisle, we make the full online catalog available for our customers. In everything we do helping the customer is key. We do not have any claim, we are especially focused on helping the customer as much as possible. Let’s say helping +.” The distinctive yellow kiosk is slightly tilted so that it is readable for the user. Through the touch screen customers and employees are able to search the complete online product range. The kiosk has almost the same performance as the webshop on a PC, but the navigation especially works in terms of visual language and icons. Crucial to this approach is that the ordering kiosk is mainly used by the ANWB employee. The employee therefore supports the shopper who is looking for a product or service. “There is added an extra order point in the shop without increasing the pressure on the service counter.”

  • Implemented webshop
  • Full product range available for consumer
  • Delivered home from kiosk
  • Improved service and increase of sales
Erica Twigt / Creative Retail Strategist - Kega
Sales through the in-store kiosk are considerably higher in stores where the kiosk is embraced by the employee.


The ANWB shops that have implemented the kiosk notice that customers never leave the store empty-handed. “When a product is sold out, it will be always be available through the online kiosk. In shops where the kiosk is supported by an employee sales are significantly higher. An additional advantage is that the consumer is faced with the full product range. “The consumer is definitely not used to the fact that if his / her title is not available, they can obtain it anyway. The shoppers are not looking for these products, so they must be confronted at relevant moments.” When a particular tent is not in stock or a particular size of shoes is not available, it can be ordered and delivered at home. “This creates appreciation among consumers by pleasant service and there is no revenue missed.”

  • Increased turnover in shops where the kiosk is implemented
  • Higher appreciation consumer
  • No more lost sales


Source: Article in Shopper Marketing Update - Bram Nauta

Reinout de Kort / Projectmanager Digital - Kega
This gives appreciation to the consumer by the friendly service, but also that no revenue is missed.
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