13 juni 2016

Fred & Ginger Lost sales web

Minimising ‘having to say “no” to customers” is incredibly important for many retailers. Kega has introduced an in-store lost-sales web for Fred & Ginger.

This means the webshop is linked to the cashier’s till in the store using a so-called lost-sales web. Whenever an item is unavailable in the shop, the staff member can simply order the product online through the till and then have it delivered to the customer. Employees also have the possibility to see in which stores the product is available, allowing customers to decide whether to pay for the item directly and to either collect it at a store of their choice or to have it delivered at home free of charge.

Would you like to know more about this solution? Contact Lars Rezelman on +31 (0) 252 750275 or by email at

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