Endless aisle solution – ‘no more no’

In-store kiosk in the retail outlets of terStal

Fashion retailer terStal is introducing in-store kiosks in all of its retail outlets. To provide customers with the best possible help in finding the right clothing and to avoid the dreaded ‘no’ in the sales talk, terStal sought the help of Kega to implement a new solution, the so-called endless aisle. Now customers can always buy their favourite fashion item, even if it isn't in stock. In other words, customers can shop in the terStal web shop while in the physical store.

If that special dress has just run out of stock or a specific pair of shoes isn't available in the right size, it can be ordered online and delivered to a home address. Customers value this extra level of service and, at the same time, the retailer doesn't miss out on revenue.

The benefits of this in-store kiosk in the physical shop are:

  • Increased revenue in the retail outlets where the in-store kiosk is embraced.
  • Greater appreciation among consumers.
  • ‘No more no’ - meaning store staff no longer have to say no due to limited stocks.

Each one of the more than 200 retail outlets will have this in-store kiosk.

Would you like to see if the endless aisle could work in your shops? Please contact Lars Rezelman – lars.rezelman@kega.nl or call +31(0)252-750275.

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