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Kega book 2017 - Discover your Retail Relevance

Many retailers are looking healthy again, but are they still relevant?

Great news! The positive sounds from the retail industry are back. In the Netherlands, the insolvency rate hasn’t been this low since 2007 (0.44% compared to 0.67% over the last seven years) and many retailers have again been declared ‘financially healthy’ during the last year. Above all, it is expected that private consumption will be taking a further leap forward in 2017 (1.7%). All in all, we’re looking to the future with a lot more confidence.

Now here’s the big question: Who will benefit most in the coming years? How equally will this growth be distributed across retail? There is – in spite of the bankruptcies and cutbacks in recent years – still a substantial overcapacity of physical floor space and the financial health of many retail chains is still brittle (mainly due to reducing costs). In the e-commerce arena, too, the battles will only intensify.

Rabobank - Sector Prognosis for Retail 2017
'Retailers need to identify much better with the perceptions and experiences of the consumer'


We have written this book with one very important purpose in mind: to inspire retailers and to give them the tools they need to become relevant and stay relevant for the years to come.

When we speak about retail, we’re not talking about online or offline, about pure play versus omnichannel, or even about physical and digital. We’re talking about total retail, about being able to provide a customer need, through whichever channel or touchpoint that may be.

The book has been divided into 3 primary clusters:

  1. Concepts
  2. Connect
  3. Content




We will explore each cluster in depth, based on 8 key topics:

  1. Theoretical framework
    What are we talking about precisely in this cluster?
  2. Trends
    Which trends and developments have a major impact on this topic?
  3. Technology
    Which technological applications are essential for success?
  4. Organisation
    What is needed to make sure your organisation and staff are ready?
  5. Data
    How can data and insights help you become relevant and successful?
  6. On the shop floor
    How do you make the above concrete and tangible within your shopping environment?
  7. Business
    The bottom line: how will it help you make money? Which business insights and models are interesting?
  8. Next practice
    Which cases can inspire you to get started?

We’ll also add a little incentive with some inspirational Retail Bites (ground-breaking - or at the very least interesting - international retail concepts) and insightful personal Columns from our team of strategists.

All in all, we’re hoping to offer you the tips, tricks, tools and inspiration to help you give your formula the ultimate Retail Relevance.


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