6 september 2016

Leaflet optimisation for Belgian retailer e5

Belgian fashion retailer e5, an e-commerce customer of Kega for some time now, asked Kega to analyse and then optimise the current door-to-door advertising leaflet. The primary objectives when optimising the leaflet was to generate more revenue, increase the profit margin and conversion rate, and establish more traffic both in the store and online. Kega analysed five different leaflets of e5 using the latest eye-tracking technology. Based on this analysis, the advertising leaflet has been optimised for the autumn/winter fashion season.

The most important changes to the leaflet:

  • Added visual calm in de leaflet by means of a clear page layout. 
  • Using different colours, the distinct fashion styles have been highlighted for the various target groups.
  • Trends are now communicated in a clear-cut and transparent manner.
  • Private labels are given a more prominent position in the leaflet, thereby strengthening their effect.
  • Price representation has been adapted; designed to achieve the desired price perception.
  • Clear communication on every spread to underline the fact that e5 is omnichannel, but using a distinct message every time.

Would you like to know more about this project or are you interested in optimising the advertising leaflet for your business? Then feel free to contact Natalie Bierman, natalie.bierman@kega.nl or on phone number +31 (0)252-750275.

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