Fancy a burger? Walk in, go to the kiosk, smile, order, and start earning free food without typing, without swiping, and without having to choose. All you need is your smile. 

That is what CaliBurger is currently testing at its Pasadena branch. The burger chain wants to translate online ordering convenience to the shop. Every customer gets a personal welcome at the kiosk, so there’s one-on-one interaction. And a focus on speed, service and convenience. 

Customers log in once, and then have their faces scanned and included in the database. Your face is linked to your account, and on your next visit, you just log in by smiling. The kiosk recognizes you and shows all your previous orders. Within two seconds, you can re-order one of them and you’re good to go. Savings points are calculated automatically. 

If the customers are happy with it, the system will roll out to all branches in 2018. Soon you will no longer need a credit card and you can also pay with your smile. Which means even more speed and convenience. 

Of course, the question of privacy has a role to play. Aside from the issue of data security, do you really want your orders to be up there on the order screen? What if you secretly stuck away two super-sized menus on your last visit? 

Your face is linked to your account, and on your next visit, you just log in by smiling!

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