Nike house of innovation

Nike - Nike house of innovation

In its immense 68,000 square-foot footprint on 5th Avenue, Nike showcases a balanced mix of impressive experiences, local relevance, customisation possibilities, data & design, and smart omnichannel technology and services. But what really set the store apart are its Nike+ app integration and the so-called 'Speed Shop'.

Nike+ app: Brick & Mobile Champion
Once your smartphone has connected to the store's WiFi network, additional in-store features appear in the Nike+ app. You can use Shop the Look to scan the QR codes and barcodes on mannequins and individual items, have an employee take these products straight to a fitting room, or reserve them online. Instant Checkout allows you to pay for your purchases without ever going through a physical checkout. You can also use the app to unlock your Click & Collect locker, enabling you to conveniently pick up your online order in the store.

Speed Shop
The Speed Shop in the basement is specifically aimed at local Nike fans, who regularly visit the shop and go through a completely different shopper journey than the many tourists who visit the store.
A separate entrance, digital Click & Collect lockers, a special service counter and a locally curated product range based on local (online) data, make this part of the store a place that offers the local customer a fast, relevant shopping experience.

Nike's House of Innovation is the best retail has to offer at the cutting edge of experience, data and mobile integration. As always, Nike is on top of the game!

<i>‘We know data can’t dream, and that’s where designers come in.’
John Hoke (Nike Chief Design Officer, in Frame Magazine)

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