The fast growth is ''Normal''

Normal - The fast growth is ''Normal''

Growing from one branch in Denmark to more than 150 branches in four countries, including the Netherlands, within five years means you've found a gap in the market. Normal has clearly found it. As they themselves say, they sell normal branded household products at abnormally low prices. How do they do this?

Normal's brand selection is simple: they buy where the items are cheapest. This may be anywhere in Europe and they often get the items into their stores for 30% to 50% less. In addition, they also ensure that they continue to surprise with a changing product range that you can't find anywhere else in Western Europe. That could be the soft drink or the crisps that you enjoyed in your favourite holiday country. And it's nice to pop in and see what's new.

Normal is copying the Action chain, where a large changing product range at extremely low prices continues to attract people. However, Normal keeps the range smaller and more specific, making it more a destination visit. What's more, alongside Scandinavian retailers such as Flying Tiger and Sostrene Grene, Normal features striking design throughout the store and in its communications. The somewhat geeky drawing style and tone of voice bring a refreshing image to the shopping street and have strong appeal.

At the moment there are four branches in the Netherlands, but we expect significant growth in the coming years. This may not be exactly normal given the turbulent retail developments, but for them it's as normal as their growth in Scandinavia.