Planet organic - The organic retail revolution

More and more consumers are favouring mindful choices. How to make sure that your footprint on this world is as small as possible and the choices that should be made to ensure this are a social megatrend that certainly resonates in retail. Increasingly more sectors are concerned with sustainable choices, whether forced on them or not by public debate. One sector that is taking only small steps in this direction is the food industry. We are seeing a wider range of organic products, but you always get the feeling that only the most necessary things are being done. Either that or they are single-purpose stores that are affordable only for those who earn three times the average income.

In London, we can see a trend in which more and more supermarkets are going completely organic at normal market prices. A pioneer in this is Planet Organic. With seven branches now, this supermarket is growing quickly and sells only organic products. The supermarket consists of three departments, each of which covers an almost equal floor area. There is the food department where customers can do their daily shopping; there is a state-of-the-art cosmetics department; and there is the catering section where food is freshly cooked every day for take-away and eating in the restaurant area of the store. Only organic products are used in the kitchens and the ingredients of the dishes are always available in the food department. The prices in this supermarket largely measure up to the prices in regular supermarkets, although you do notice that the clientele is less focused on price than on the organic choices made by Planet Organic.

The Planet Organics are incredibly popular, especially their kitchens. We strongly advise you not to visit this shop during lunchtime and dinner time. The queues are huge and the shop is packed with customers.