11 team sports Berlin turn shopping into number 1 sport

In the Netherlands, but also in Germany, football – or soccer in most countries outside the UK – is by far the most popular sport. A sport that connects, inspires and activates, offers the space for personal expression on the one hand, and commercial success on the other. And this is precisely what German company 11teamsports (in close cooperation with Nike) has been able to incorporate into their hyper-relevant store format on the Wilmersdorfer Straße in Berlin.

The unique mix of fantastic digital experiences, strong ties with the local community, smart omnichannel services, unbeatable price guarantees and individual personalisation options makes sure this concept is incredibly relevant.

1. Unique (digital) experiences
Already at the store entrance the various displays and LED systems project a visual statement that pulls you inside. In the basement – the heart of the flagship store – the multi-touch social wall immediately

invites you to interact and offers you the chance to immortalise your visit with a selfie, which you can then easily ‘shake’ to your smartphone or retrieve from social media.

The hologram boxes turn the shoes on display into true heroes in a visual spectacle, while you can discover everything about the different shoes on the multi-touch footwear table using RFID technology. You can even compare them head-to-head, simply by picking them up and placing them on the digital table.

2. Feel, test, experience
Have you found your favourite items, but want to make sure they make you a better football player? Test the accuracy of your shot on the specially designed shooting range or practice your flick-ups on the indoor football field. Nothing is left to chance in making sure you’ve made the right choice.

3. Local community
The shooting range and the football field aren’t exclusive to people who buy shoes in the store; the local community enjoys kicking the ball around too. Whether it’s the instore football competition, training or special events, for many local players the 11teamsports store is more than a store alone, it’s their local hangout, a place to meet and connect.

4. Price match & omnichannel services
You can browse through the entire collection on the massive wall screens – including items you won’t find in the store itself to minimise lost sales – or you can fully customise a range of items according to your personal taste. When you’re ready to pay, just use the dedicated mobile shop app on your smartphone. Easy.

Do you think you might be paying too much? 11teamsports puts your mind at rest and invites you to check out the competitors’ prices on the screens. They always promise a competitive ‘online price’.

There’s one small criticism we think is worth mentioning though: 11teamsports doesn’t offer Click & Collect and Check & Reserve services and is probably missing out on some interesting sales from webroomers. You can’t win ‘m all.

5. Personalisation is key
Do you want to express your personal football style with customised shoes or other football items? Thanks to the NikeID and MiAdidas apps on big touchscreens, you can design your own unique products and show off your individual style.

A fantastic symbiosis
11teamsports understands like no other how you can create a beautiful symbiotic relationship between a store concept and your online touchpoints. The best of physical retail and digital retail, fully tailored to your target market, brought together in a stunning retail concept that every retailer in today’s market can learn from.

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