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Omnichannel for Magento 2

What is Omnichannel?
Omnichannel is a combination of marketing, sales and service communication channels for visitors and customers. In a way which creates an integrated and cohesive customer experience and brand perception, regardless of how or where a visitor or customer contacts your organisation, online and off-line.

Omnichannel is essentially defined as a sales approach via multiple channels that offers customers an integrated customer experience. Customers can shop online from a desktop or mobile device, or via the smartphone, or in a physical store, whereby the customer experience is identical where possible, and customers can order products directly, anytime and anywhere.  The customer chooses!


Omnichannel requires integration and gearing of all systems, stores and the e-commerce platform for the perfect Customer Journey, and here lies a challenge for many organisations, to convert visitors into buying customers.

Kega is the Omnichannel market leader in the Benelux. Thanks to our own Retail Suite, Kega provides the most popular (own) Omnichannel software solutions out of the box, seamlessly integrated with the Magento platform. The result is a turnkey Omnichannel solution for retailers and brands with branches. 

The Kega Retail Suite offers the tools to link physical stores to your e-commerce platform for a single view of customer and a single view on stock, so that every product within the organisation can be ordered and reserved anywhere, anytime and any way. This results in less online 'no' sales, increased turnover with a healthier margin and better conversion in and to the stores. 

Omnichannel Solutions for Magento 2 
The standard Omnichannel software solutions by Kega include, for example:

Check & Reserve
Customers reserve their choice of products online, and later visit the store to try them on and make payments. They are also notified if a product is received in stock at a later date.



Click & Collect
Customers collect a package from their neighbourhood store, after placing their order online. The stock systems are integrated and customers are quickly notified once the package is ready for collection.

Return to Store 
Customers can return their package to the store and/or send it back. The processing in the store is automated and is linked to the relevant systems.

Order in Store
Customers reorder products, which they pay for directly in the store and then take delivery either at home or in the store. The processing is linked to the relevant systems.

Examples of our global and successful Omnichannel clients include Hunkemöller, Score/Chasin', Zeeman, Bristol, Bakker Bart, Didi, Purdey, AKO.

Our Omnichannel Retail Strategists have proven expertise and experience to implement this solution successfully within organizations.  Including Order Management processes and systems, where we work technology independent. 

Do you want to guide more online visitors to your stores or dealers ?

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