Giving a face to fashion chain terStal

terStal offers affordable fashion for the whole family in over 200 stores across the Netherlands and in its online store. The clothing collection is extensive and changes regularly, allowing terStal to respond flexibly to every fashion trend. In addition to the seasonal fashion collection, terStal also carries the VastVoordeel collection: quality clothing always at bargain prices.

The retailer can count on a loyal customer base. Through clever and integrated use of all communication tools, Kega strives to help the customers of terStal to find the perfect outfit in every season, both online and offline.




With over 200 branches, terStal is one of the largest fashion retailers in the Netherlands. In the stores you can find a nice mix of trendy looks and quality basics at very low prices. Although world famous in the eastern regions, there are still opportunities to gain ground in the west of the Netherlands.

terStal and Kega have taken on the challenge together to develop a fully integrated retail strategy in which both the offline and online revenues can be closely monitored.


Using an easily recognisable corporate image and a visual language that complements that image, Kega is turning terStal into the pearl from the East. The image that has been developed for terStal is reflected in the door-to-door leaflets sent out almost every week, a dynamic webshop and a cleverly thought-out e-mail strategy. This then cascades through to the stores, social media, blogs and unique promotional weeks, where we ensure total integration of all touchpoints every day!

The advanced dashboard enables us to monitor every step and make adjustments if needed. These could involve minor price adjustments, but also recommendations on inventory distribution and organisational structure.



  • 360-degree retail communication (fashion shoots, brochure, POS materials)
  • Webshop realisation 
  • Omnichannel solution including Click & Collect and Check & Reserve
  • E-mail marketing
  • Retail dashboard
  • Campaigns
  • Omnichannel advice

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