Increase the yield from e-mail

TerStal offers affordable fashion for the whole family in over 200 stores across the Netherlands and in its online store. The clothing collection is extensive and changes regularly, allowing terStal to respond flexibly to every fashion trend. In addition to the seasonal fashion collection, terStal also carries the VastVoordeel collection: quality clothing always at bargain prices.

The retailer can count a loyal customer base. Through the clever use of communication tools, terStal tries to help its customers find something during every season, both online and offline. E-mail marketing plays a lead role in achieving this.


Work closely with terStal in creating an e-mail strategy that turns newsletter readers into customers, encourages new customers to make a repeat purchase, and activates regular customers to buy more and remain customer for longer.



Together, Kega and terStal determined the e-mail marketing goals for the coming two years. Based on these goals, Kega has drawn up a plan of action. This plan focuses on a number of quick wins that yield immediate returns. Furthermore, the plan provides a focus for the long run. This is not a plan based on a static mound of paperwork, but rather on a dynamic mix of workshops, presentations and action lists.

Every two months the teams get together in Almelo, where Kega and terStal actively work on the plan. Results are discussed, plans are then adapted accordingly, and new action points are distributed among the people involved.


The online purchases, the offline purchases and the customer card registrations are all recorded in the e-mail database. This data is then analysed and entered in a clear and orderly dashboard, thus helping to gain a good insight into the behaviour and interests of the customers and of the newsletter readers. This makes it possible to make choices and specify segments.

The segments are incorporated with the e-mail calendar. In this calendar all e-mailings a scheduled in for the upcoming quarter, therefore providing transparency and insight into the story being told to every segment.

Good content is safeguarded, regular contact with the target group is guaranteed and there is still room to schedule tests. Every e-mail is an opportunity to learn more about the target group. Tests based on time, text, images and landing pages ensure continual improvement of the effect that the e-mail marketing activities have.

Besides sending e-mails to the various segments, automated campaigns based on behaviour are also used. These can include:

  • Welcome campaign for newsletter readers and customer card holders
  • Abandonment Cart campaign
  • Re-activation of inactive customers and readers
  • Encourage new customers to make a repeat purchase soon

The customer or potential customer receives a personal, customised message which is totally aligned with the situation and that person’s individual preferences. The added effect of these messages is significant.

At specific moments during the year, canvassing for more newsletter readers is given an active boost through an online scratch-and-win promotion. A relevant pop-up is put online on several pages. In addition, the communication moments that terStal already has with its customers are cleverly utilised. Not every customer opts in straight away. That’s why the order confirmation shows a dynamic block to everyone who has not yet confirmed the opt-in. This same block is displayed in the registration confirmation section for customer card holders.



The e-mail calendar is the guiding factor for the use of e-mail marketing, in the process ensuring the story being told is perfectly clear. The results are actively monitored in a dashboard and provide a clear picture of what can be followed up on immediately. You can already see that with each new promotion, the e-mail is better aligned with the customer. The promotions have expanded the database considerably and inactive readers are once again becoming more interested in the content. Moreover, there are several one-on-one campaigns currently being sent out based on the individual behaviour of the terStal customers, and e-mail marketing is increasing its share of generating revenue for terStal.

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