Using the wealth of data to the best effect

Witteveen Mode is an independent fashion company with over a hundred stores across the Netherlands. Witteveen’s main target group is the adult, fashion-conscious woman. The fashion collection is produced under their own label and is exclusively available in all Witteveen stores. Everything revolves around the customer at Witteveen. The experienced sales team always take the time to enjoy a chat and a good cup of coffee with the customer. This attention doesn’t go unnoticed and Witteveen customers tend to be very loyal. Witteveen Mode has a fantastic customer database, which they mainly use to approach their regular customers through direct mail and e-mail. Recently, Witteveen Mode also opened its own webshop.


Make sure the data of the Witteveen Mode customers becomes more accessible and that it provides better insight into the buying behaviour. Then actively contribute ideas on how Witteveen can be more effective in approaching and activating its customers.



Together with Witteveen Mode, Kega mapped out all data resources and determined which methods can best be used to link this data to each other in order to give the data more meaning. The important thing here was to use the already existing information flows as much as possible.

Kega and Witteveen Mode then worked together on the CRM strategy. The KPIs were selected and it was decided when to approach each of the customer groups with a specific message. This isn’t achieved by putting a massive plan on paper, but by regularly sitting around the table as a team. Results are discussed, plans are adapted according to these results and the new action points are divided among those involved. The guiding factors are the KPIs and new insights that continuously ensue from the data.


Kega stored the data of Witteveen in a secure, yet still accessible environment. All data is available in real time. What’s more, the contact data of the customers has been enriched with both online purchases and purchase in the stores. This means there is now a comprehensive overview giving clear insight into the customer buying behaviour and how each customer responds to the communication method used. Each month, a snaphot is taken of the database and the reports are thoroughly analysed to keep a finger on the pulse.



Various marketing activities are undertaken throughout the calendar year. Traditionally, all regular customers have been kept up to date through personalised post. Now, the readily available data gives new insights and ensures this personal post can be targeted more towards individual preferences, for instance based on recent buying behaviour, on the types of items that are purchased, and on the branch where the items are bought. Besides regular post, e-mail communication is being used more actively. Wherever possible, e-mail and regular post are combined, strengthening each other in the process.

Every promotion is evaluated in detail afterwards. Where additional information is needed, the customer is asked directly through a targeted e-mailing. The learnings are then included in the next promotion.


By making the data accessible, all activities can be initiated based on the customers’ perspective. Not only in selecting the fashion collection and in how to approach the customer in the store, but also in all marketing efforts. The Witteveen customer now actually receives bespoke advice and information. By utilising regular post and e-mail more effectively, the response to promotional activities has improved considerably.


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