Hunkemöller and Kega get sheroes moving with unique digital shopping experiences

Hunkemöller’s popular private label, HKMX, can now stand on its own two feet after the opening of a fantastic new Sportswear Store in Berlin at the end of April 2017. The energetic store design and our digital experiences have turned this store into a real eye-catcher.

The sportswear store boasts a number of digital experiences that were also hugely successful at Hunkemöller’s flagship store in Amsterdam, so that every visit to the store is an experience you want to share. Everything from the eye-catching 85” Social Wall with Instagram feed and selfie cam at the entrance, the seductive digital signage content on multiple screens, the interactive Browse & Inspire screen, the futuristic HKMX Body Scanner, through to a handy Bra Fit Tool that can recommend your perfect fit and style, as well as handy mobile checkouts that minimise waiting times when paying,.

Hunkemöller is expecting to open another three (international) HKMX stores in 2017 and is even looking to open 50 stores in the coming five years.


For the brand-new HKMX store in Berlin, create a number of unique, eye-catching and practical digital experiences that give the brand an energetic appeal, and ensure that e-commerce, campaigns, branded & social content seamlessly blend into one.


We developed a touch application for the unique Social Wall with selfie cam, in which we integrated an Instagram feed using the Olapic Earned Content Platform. It allows shoppers to see at a glance which items are trending, and they can even claim their own 15 minutes of fame by taking a selfie and posting it on the immense 85” wall.

The HKMX Body Scanner came into being thanks to a partnership with American company Fit3D. Shoppers can visualise their body shape in 3D and monitor any changes, for example when they want to get back into bikini size for summer.


In just a few simple steps, the interactive Bra Fit Tool gives advice on your ideal sports bra fit. To guarantee shoppers can always pay quickly and easily, we developed a mobile POS, enabling staff to check out items on special employee iPods at any location in the store.


  • HKMX stands out as an innovative lifestyle retailer and social brand
  • Concept and implementation of several unique digital and omnichannel experiences
  • Social + Selfie Wall on an 85” touch screen
  • Mobile POS (Quick mobile checkout) on iPods
  • HKMX 3D body scanner
  • Digital signage content via multiple screens

Check the video for an impression of the HKMX store in Berlin!

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