Making long tail accessible from the ANWB store

The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB is an association which serves the interests of its members in the areas of mobility, travel and leisure. Based on its objectives, mission and vision, the ANWB undertakes a wide range of activities within the scope of influencing, products and services and advice in the world of mobility, travel and recreation. The ANWB reaches its members through a network of over 80 ANWB stores, the website and the Member Service Centre. Its roadside assistance division Wegenwacht, the ANWB Emergency centre, the magazine Kampioen, and the ANWB shops are the most well-known services of the ANWB.



The product range of the travel guide and roadmap section in the ANWB stores was in need of an update to give members renewed travel inspiration. The ‘travel’ selection needed to be expanded with relevant travel articles, while less topical travel guides could be left from the shop shelves.

Kega was asked these questions:

  • How can we structure the department and showcase relevant information to maximise inspiration and omnichannel communication?
  • How can we take optimum advantage of the long tail through an online touchpoint? And how do we give shape to this concept?


The shopping route and separate departments are carefully ‘mapped out’ based on the shopper’s customer journey. Providing relevant communication at the right moment thus has the greatest impact.

The role of the online touchpoint with regard to the long tail has been extended to include more areas than just the travel books and roadmap department. Kega created a prototype and took care of the entire process.



A plan for restyling the department has been carefully worked out, which includes all communication tools – and the design – in the store.

  • The online touchpoint is a retail kiosk where customers can order all products available in both the online and physical store. It also doubles as an information point for ANWB services (such as roadside assistance and insurances) and can be operated by the customer or with a little help from a staff member.
  • Together with the client, a strategy has been set out to determine the best way to integrate the services and digital content.
  • Kega will take care of both the internal and external design of the application, allowing a wealth of ANWB content to be retrieved from the kiosk.


  • Inspiration and omnichannel communication in the travel guide and roadmap department.
  • UX-design of the ordering kiosk application, with user-friendliness and the customer journey playing a central role.
  • Complete design and animation of the screens (of the application).