Fred & Ginger colours outside the lines

Five not-everyday collections for babies and children. Playing means colouring outside the lines. From the kitchen table to the jungle gym in the backyard. It’s about turning the place upside down, in every sense of the word. Making your own choices and combinations. Taking a fresh look at things as if for the first time. That’s what Fred & Ginger is all about.

A playful concept that is translated into five colourful clothing collections for kids from the ages of nought to fourteen: Fred & Ginger Kids, Fred & Ginger Sister, Hilde & Co, Hilde & Co Baby and Kiekeboe. This is clearly reflected in the photography of Fred & Ginger.


Designed by a team van quirky Belgian designers, using durable high-quality fabrics and always keeping a fresh approach to matters. You can’t help noticing all this in the textiles that are so nice to the touch, the surprising details and unique prints.

Fred & Ginger caters for children but is far from childish. Beautifully finished but not polished. Age conscious but not patronising. Because they believe that children should be allowed to be children.


Realise an omnichannel e-commerce platform for all FNG fashion labels, of which the Fred & Ginger brand is part.


Kega developed the webshop both for Belgium and the Netherlands. The webshop is based on the standard front-end module of Kega. The back end is aimed at complete integration with SAP and other fashion labels of FNG. What this means is that:

  • Store and webshop inventory is much more transparent 
  • Store management of different labels can be centralised
  • Development of the platform is available for all labels


  • Immediately noticeable online revenue increase for FRED & GINGER
  • Additional roll-out of other FNG fashion labels: CKS, FRED, FRIDAY, GINGER collections
  • Responsive e-commerce shop
  • Integration of Click & Collect and Lost Sales
  • Check out the results of the Fred & Ginger online shop

Ecom CKS · Kega
Ecom CKS · Kega
8 September, 2016

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