Van Maanen: a forward-thinking bakery with artisanal passion

Van Maanen is a bakery with pure passion and has been a recognised name on the Dutch streetscape for over 100 years. The love of craftsmanship has been a guiding principle for Van Maanen throughout its long family and business existence. Enormous changes in recent years have also changed the company’s own business approach. In 2005 a completely new brand was introduced, together with a new philosophy and a new culture. Van Maanen has a unique vision on craftsmanship and is steadily growing in the Netherlands (predominantly in the Randstad). The innovative, ambitious concept gives Van Maanen a distinctive edge in today’s bakery market! 


Develop an online cake store for Van Maanen bakery; a platform where the customer can order cakes and pastries online. There is an array of themes and festive occasions to choose from. Expanding the product range to include other bakery products should be possible in the future.


The ability for consumers to order cakes and pastries online quickly and easily. A lot of attention has been focused on the photography. Consumers can see several photos of a cake, taken from different angles, not only to encourage them to buy, but also to provide them with the most realistic picture possible. Of course you can add all kinds of delicious options to the cake too, such as decorations for kids, a special text or candles.

Ordering your own cake is now easier and quicker via the new webshop. And, if you order before 4 p.m., your cake can be delivered or collected from one of the more than 50 bakery shops of Van Maanen the following day!


  • Unique customer experience when ordering a cake
  • Realistic photography stands at the core
  • Increase in the number of online cake orders
  • Experience the online cake shopping for yourself on  www.bakkervanmaanen.nl.
Henk-Jan van Maanen - Owner

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