Launch of the Welkoop online store

360° communication for Agri Retail

Welkoop is a retail formula that understands all there is to know about gardens & pets. The 152 shops have everything for a beautiful garden and a healthy pet. The main categories: Animal & Wellbeing, Plant & Care, Gardening, Enjoying the Garden and Work Clothing & Shoes. Here you can find both premium brands and private labels.

Agri Retail is the organisation behind the Welkoop shops. Its head office and distribution centre in Ede serves the franchisees.


  • Create a recognisable look & feel of the webshop communication tools.
  • Define the launch campaign with the aim to clearly communicate the webshop phases, as well as activate the consumer.



The three phases of introduction (pilot, soft launch and nationwide launch) is the basis on which the hierarchy of communication is defined. The ‘layered’ structure of the different messages, combined with the customer journey of the consumer, leads to optimum use of the resources.


Concisely verbalise the omnichannel message and create icons that provide a recognisable look & feel across all channels. Subsequently, carefully plan and implement the different phases.

To ensure visitors are able to visualise the complete process of a webshop purchase when visiting a Welkoop website, Kega made a short film. The idea is to combine live action with animation, thus the icons and the messages are communicated in a recognisable fashion.


  • Design POS materials for in the store
  • Online banners to announce the pilot phase and nationwide launch
  • Design a brochure outsert for the pilot phase and leaflets for the national launch
  • Storyboard, creation and animation of a webshop film for on the website