Efficient management of product information

PIM implementation for Bugaboo 

The mission of Bugaboo is to help everyone ‘Move Freely". Since the day it was founded back in 1994, Bugaboo has been designing game-changing products that help everyone discover the world, always ensuring unrivalled comfort and an unmistakable style. 

Whether you've just become parents and want to explore the world as a family, or you're a modern-day traveller about to leave on your third business trip this week, Bugaboo products are made to make life easier. 

The luggage systems and strollers are designed to help lighten the load and make your daily life as comfy as possible. 


Bugaboo gave Kega the task to work together in developing a PIM (Product Information Management) system that would make managing product information more efficient. PIM by InRiver enables Bugaboo to create, manage and distribute complete and accurate product and marketing information across all channels. 


Bugaboo and Kega looked at several systems, finally selecting PIM by InRiver. InRiver is particularly user-friendly for end users, such as the content manager and merchandisers. This user-friendliness is translated predominantly in boosting the content, work flow (what is the status of a product), etc.



Bugaboo doesn't have many products, but does have a lot of exceptions to the product range. So it was a huge challenge to import all these exceptions correctly in PIM.

The product information system of InRiver can be integrated with all back-office systems, allowing you to monitor and distribute content from one system. With the InRiver apps, you have insight into all information that is relevant to you.

In addition, Bugaboo has a configurator on its website that gives customers the ability to personalise their stroller. This configurator is linked to the PIM system, ensuring that the correct options are chosen and always leading to a consistent customer experience.



  • All product information, including the added options, are centrally managed from one system.
  • This data can also easily be exchanged with a number of other systems,
  • providing a consistent customer experience across different channels.


Are you eager to learn more about this implementation? Don't hesitate to contact Stefan de Jong, stefan.dejong@kega.nl or call Kega on +31 (0)252-750275.

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