Zeeman launches the employee app Zeeman Keephub in 7 countries

Staying connected with your employees is now more important than ever. Within 5 days, the Keephub Light was deployed in 7 countries, a simplified version of our popular employee app. The app aims to communicate quickly and effectively with employees on the shop floor, at a time when it is urgently needed.

Zeeman challenges
How do you communicate with more than 8,000 employees in 1,300 stores in 7 countries during times of crisis? That was the challenge Zeeman faced. Zeeman communicated via email or via the store managers, which means that you do not quickly reach all employees. Since communication is crucial in times of crisis, implementing the app for employees was a necessary step. The main challenges:

  • Streamline communication in times of crisis
  • Reach out to all 8,169 employees, spread over 1,300 stores.

Zeeman Keephub

Zeeman Keephub ensures effective internal communication with employees in the shop food. This branded app allows Zeeman to share important news in 7 countries, using a timeline, to use push notifications for high priority items. And the FAQ provides answers to the questions that employees have about all development around the corona virus.

Zeeman has its own branded employee app, with the result:

  • A mobile app that keeps 8,169 employees, spread across 1,300 stores in 7 countries, up-to-date 24/7 about the corona measures that are being taken.
  • The app provides clarity to employees in uncertain times of COVID-19.
  • The app answers questions and removes uncertainty from employees.
  • The head office receives feedback, questions and information from the shop floor, which can be acted upon.

Do you want to know more about this case? Please contact Nathalie Piket,, +31 (0) 252 -750 275

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