Keephub portal for garden centre Intratuin

As a garden centre and as a store with atmosphere, Intratuin turns shopping for the home, garden, patio and pet into a fun and inspirational pastime. The key for Intratuin: colour, atmosphere, convenience and hospitality.

Intratuin is much more than a garden centre. It is a place of inspiration to collect new ideas. Warm, vibrant and green: that is the basic feeling you get at Intratuin. It’s an almost tangible feeling that is the same in every store and in every message communicated. The branches have a uniform house style, routing and layout of the sections. 

At present, Intratuin has a total of 60 branches / franchise businesses, 51 of which are in the Netherlands, 5 in Belgium and 4 in Germany.


Realise a new internal communication platform (intranet), so that the communication between the head office and the stores can be optimised. The ultimate aim is to provide a true sense of empowerment for the store staff. The platform is available for all stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


After doing a complete stocktake in all departments of the 3 service offices, a portal (intranet) was developed which could provide the more than 60 franchise businesses across 3 countries with all the necessary daily information. It was quite a challenge to present the immense amount of information (26 item groups and thousands of items) to the franchise holders and their employees in an efficient and pleasant way. 


  • A new, up-to-date portal (intranet) for Intratuin with a personal login for every employee
  • The so-called subscription structure enables the employee to individually indicate which news is of interest to him/her
  • More interaction added to the Intranet, such as the possibility to like or respond to messages and bringing branches into contact with one another through a forum

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