Primera Keephub portal

Communication between head office and 500 franchises

Coöperatie Primera b.a. (Cooperative Primera) was established in 1991 and is a nationwide store chain of, for and by independent entrepreneurs. With this cooperative partnership, they stand “strong together”. This collaboration has, among other things, resulted in the largest organisation in the tobacco and convenience industry with over 480 stores.

Franchisees have access to the very professional service package of the head office, which comprises marketing, product range management, in-store automation, shop fitting, financing and (economic and legal) business advice. Also included is the Keephub portal (intranet) of Kega.


Realise an internal communication platform (intranet) in order to ensure that the communication between the head office and the store branches runs efficiently. The aim of the platform is to empower the personnel in the stores in a service-oriented way.


The setup of the Keephub portal has been actualised by a broad group of employees (specialising in for instance marketing and IT). They remain closely involved with the communication with the franchisees.


A portal that provides the franchise holders the best and most up-to-date information concerning the product range in stock. What’s more, the portal is an information link between franchisees and their suppliers.


The Keephub portal at Primera is called the Servicenet; the internal communication platform between the franchise holders and the head office. It is the link between communication and empowering the store staff.


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