Keephub implementation in 3 countries: The Netherlands, Belgium and France

Everyone in Holland knows Hans Anders. That’s no surprise, really. Because this optical retail chain has been operating on the Dutch market now for over 35 years. And for 15 years Hans Anders has also been among the market leaders in hearing aids.

Hans Anders believes that proper care for people’s sight and hearing should be affordable for everyone, and that it should stay that way. 


Realise an internal communication platform (intranet) in order to ensure that the communication between the head office and the stores runs efficiently. The aim of the platform is to empower the personnel in the stores. The platform is available for the Netherlands, Belgium and France.



The Hans Anders formula has been implemented and is supported using a decentralised approach in three countries. The choice was made to implement the Keephub portal (intranet) separately for each country.


A multi-site portal is used for the three countries, each with a different setup, different content and also separated content managers.


Hans Anders has a modern portal for the 3 separate countries which supports the communication between franchisees. It is a uniform formula, while also offering the possibility to communicate the differences in the various countries.

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