Quinyx Workforce management

Workforce management app

Kega implementation partner of Quinyx

Kega is the official implementation partner of Quinyx in the Benelux, but Kega also offers support for Quinyx customers. With more than 800+ customers, 500,000+ users and 14 million App logins per month, Quinyx is a big name in the field of workforce management.

What does Quinyx do?
Experience how easy workforce management can be with Quinyx. Quinyx offers the ultimate software to make it easier for you and your employees on the work floor. Save time and money with AI-based forecasting, optimised scheduling and efficient payroll integration.. The Quinyx app works seamlessly with our Retail InTouch platform, but also with dozens of other integrations. 



  • Scheduling: quickly create fair, reliable and intelligent schedules optimised to match your business practices.
  • Forecasting and Optimisation: build the best schedules based on your forecasts and historical data.
  • Time and attendance: experience fully-integrated time reporting and absence management, allowing you to plan better.
  • Engagement: drive employee engagement with real-time communications, company-wide surveys and recognition.
  • Reporting and Insights: track your business's most important key performance indicators, such as sales figures, number of scheduled or worked hours and staffing costs.
  • Task: easily plan recurring tasks for your whole organisation. 

Quinyx makes managing schedules, staffing, time tracking, communication and tasks extremely easy. Accessible via the App as well as via the web. Want to know more about Quinyx or the possibilities for implementation? Please contact Eline Pruijn!

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