Amazon continues to disrupt the status quo. At the end of 2017, Amazon and Calvin Klein opened two unique pop-ups in New York and L.A., building on the surprising development that gave Amazon the exclusive first right to sell the CK Underwear holiday collection, instead of the established department stores. 

Amazon is bringing its apps to a physical environment 
This minimalist, industrial pop-up in SoHo NYC, is completely ‘phygital’. You shop entirely with the Amazon app; using it to select your favourite products (by scanning the bar codes or a visual search), to access help from Amazon’s Alexa (via the various Echo devices) and to pay for your purchases with the simple in-app checkout. Unfortunately, Amazon does not offer additional proximity services or advanced personalization. You can take your products with you immediately or have them delivered. In the futuristic fitting room, Alexa lets you control the light and the music, and you can also have fun with the other features of Amazon’s personal assistant. 

Killer innovation or just fun gimmicks? 
Let me be completely honest: I was not very impressed with the retail experience as a whole, nor with the integration of Amazon technologies in this temporary store. Nevertheless, it is blindingly obvious that Amazon’s powers of innovation (Amazon Go, anyone?) and the technologies displayed in this pop-up are going to take-off in a big way. So don’t let this gimmicky pop-up fool you. Amazon and its partners are going to change our way of shopping even further in the years to come. 

“The buying process is entirely through the Amazon app.”