New York

All those high-tech showrooms with the latest in visual and audio… it blows your mind every time. You’re so tempted to walk out of the shop with a screen that’s way too big or a home cinema set that’s just… well, frankly, too much. Once you get home and hook it all up, it ends up looking or sounding a whole lot different. Sonos thought it was time to put an end to this, and so they redesigned their shop on Green Street, New York to create the ultimate home audio experience.

Although the store looks super-duper in design with the futuristic small houses, each representing a different room, you feel at home straight away once you step inside one. Every room is set up carefully to imitate your home setting as accurately as possible. For example, there’s a kitchen with a single Sonos speaker, a study with two Sonos speakers and a living room with a complete home cinema set. [home theatre setup] When you enter a room, a voice explains how everything works and you can choose your favourite music using the music streaming partner of your choice. All you have to do is kick up your feet and listen.

The whole set-up is aimed at creating the ultimate sound in your home situation, which is why Sonos has also thought of the installation moment. If you can’t get the system the way you want it using the instructional videos or with the help of the online helpdesk, you can ask a Sonos expert to come to the rescue. In the store, Sonos focuses mainly on the experience itself, which include so-called artist listening sessions and live broadcasts.

In all honesty, it’s more than likely you’ll walk out of the Sonos store feeling even more excited than you would be after a visit to a traditional high-tech shop. One thing’s for sure though, you won’t be disappointed when you listen at home.

Experience home audio ‘to the max’.

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