Unilever’s T2

Australian tea retailer T2 is really causing a stir on the international tea scene. Ever since this brand was taken over by Unilever, which, in doing so, is moving more and more towards retail, new stores have been opening in New York and London. We’re expecting that this is just the beginning of hundreds more stores yet to open.

The T2 stores live and breathe the concept of tea. The product is at the heart of every square centimetre in the shop, which is no surprise when you consider that the tea producer behind it is a master in product-driven marketing. As soon as you walk in, you can’t miss the round table showcasing every taste and aroma available. You’re more than welcome to touch, smell and sense the different teas, and even taste them. In the middle of the store you’ll find a tea bar, where you can sip your favourite tea for free. And there’s always a pot of specially brewed tea ready to be sampled, but on demand is also of course ‘no worries’.

The staff welcomes you with a quick training course in making tea. What’s the perfect water temperature? How long do you let it steep? And which tea pot and glasses are the best? It goes without saying that you can buy every item directly from the shop.
You will also be asked if you would like to become a member of the Tea Society, giving you interesting discounts and, maybe more importantly, a free new tea sample every time you make a purchase. Another great way to turn loyal customers into ambassadors.

T2 is a retailer we’ll be hearing a lot more from and who can teach us a thing or two. For instance, how to be successful and profitable by offering a total experience around one single product group.

We’re expecting that this is just the beginning of hundreds more stores yet to open.

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