An extraordinary private label!

Hoogvliet Buitengewoon
design private label

Buitengewoon (Dutch for Extraordinary) is the name of the exclusive premium private label that Dutch supermarket chain Hoogvliet introduced last Easter. And with great success! Sales are exceeding expectations, the market is in an uproar and customers are already talking about Buitengewoon in the same breath as other upmarket food labels like Excellent and Delicieux! 

At the root is Kega. This unique private label is our brainchild that we developed from start to finish. From choosing the name to positioning on the market, and from the tasteful photography to the packaging design.

In close collaboration with Hoogvliet, a completely new brand was introduced in under a year. The Buitengewoon brand is a careful selection of artisanal and premium food products consisting of over 100 food items. Think of delicacies like carpaccio of Angus beef, Spanish gazpacho of beef tomato and the tasty grilled sausage in puff pastry. Each and every product has a special story to tell that Kega has packaged with exceptional taste.

A project we are extraordinarily proud of!

Buitengewoon Exposition
To celebrate the success of Buitengewoon, Kega opened the extraordinary Buitengewoon Exposition at the end of October.

The exposition is a line-up of the best and tastiest photos from the Buitengewoon product range and a showcase of the unique and consistent packaging line.

An exposition you can indulge in until the end of this year at Kega!

Do you want to know more about this project? Please contact Dirk van Eunen, dirk.vaneunen@kega.nl, +31 252 75 0275.