a Lush friendship

Lush - A Lush friendship

Going into Lush can often be described as an 'overwhelming' experience: the colourful bath bombs, the strong smells and the overexcited staff. Just how do they produce all these happy employees?
Working at Lush is of course all about believing in the mission: making fresh handmade products with only vegetarian ingredients and little-to-no preservatives. Lush is well known for its environmental activism, for they will not buy anything from producers that test on animals and their Charity Pot Program supports sustainable communities while also giving back to organizations that can make a difference.

Talking to any of the employees, you’ll soon discover that they are not only a huge fan of the company’s mission statement, but also know all about the products. They are encouraged to demo products, in order to give the customer an opportunity to experience the product beforehand. The employees coach each other; explaining all about the products: how to use it, how it is produced and who it is best for (type of skin, hair, etc.). On starting their shift, they ‘check in’, at which point they are briefed about new products or what awaits them that day. During the ‘check out’ at the end of their shift, they can let their manager know if anything particular has taken place (a customer that is on their mind, a product they are not familiar with, etc.) so they will be able to return home unconcerned.
And next to that, there is the ‘Random act of kindness’.  This is a wonderful thing for the employee to be able to do once per day (per store). It is a ‘reward’ to customers who, in the opinion of the employee, deserve an extra treat. The idea is to give someone a random act of kindness, so they will probably pass it on to someone else and so on.

<i>​​​​​​​“It was like that moment in a friendship where, out of the blue, they do or say something which makes you realise what an incredibly awesome person you’re lucky to be friends with.” </i>

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